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Course Maps for Tri Jesus Youth Triathlon Youth Tri

The maps for the various disciplines are explained below.

Transition Area
The Swim will enter on the southwest corner. The Bike will exit and enter on the northeast corner. Finally, the Run will exit the southwest corner and MUST yield to bikers on the course returning to the transition area.

SWIMMING (Youth Triathlon): The swim takes place in a 50 meter pool at Wavering Aquatic Center. Swimmers will stagger start every 15 to 30 seconds (to be determined on race day.)

Youth Swimmers will line up according to their estimated time of completing the 200 meter swim. (For example, a sprint participant who thinks they can do it in 4m50sec will be ahead of the person who can do it in 5m15sec.)

The line- up will take place just prior to the event start. Communicate with the person before and after you to make sure you are in the best possible order before entering the pool area.

The pool will be divided into four lanes. Youth swimmers will only swim one lap in two of the four lanes (two total laps) to complete the 200 meter distance.

Then, they will exit the pool area and head to the transition area.

View the youth swimming map. Or, print the *.pdf youth swimming map.

CYCLING ( Youth Triathlon):
Young athletes need to also be sure and have their helmet on as they walk their bikes to the end of the transition area to start the cycling course.

Mainly, the course follows a circular pattern inside the park and part of a neighborhood to the south of the park. There will be a turn around at two different places based on the distance and category that the youth participate.

Note, the course is subject to minor changes to prevent hazards and make the distance correct.

View youth bike map. Or, print *.pdf youth bike map.


Kids/Youth Running RouteRUNNING (Youth Triathlon): After completing the bike course, triathletes will park their bike in the transition area and begin running.

The youth will run to the archery but then they will run to the right next to the baseball field at (lower) MoorMan park. The turn around will be marked and then head back to the finish line.

This is the same course as previous years. But, course is subject to change. Please make note at the race meeting on race day.

View the youth running map. Or, print the *.pdf youth running map.

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